Sports Science - Fitness Testing

Profile your performance with an in-depth and detailed assessment of your current level of fitness, and have our team guide you towards excellence in your sport!

What is Sports Science?

Sport science is the analysis and tracking of sports performance for the elite athlete. The focus of Kinetic Impression’s Sports Science program is to carefully evaluate the level of fitness of our athletes at all levels and customize a training plan to enhance their performance and prevent injury in their sport. The Kinetic Impressions Sports Science program has been carefully designed by many healthcare professionals to ensure that all athletes within the program are provided with the necessary tools to accel and meet their individualized goals using a scientific approach unique for each individual.

What's Included In-Clinic

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On-Field Fitness Testing

All data will be collected and recorded by the Kinetic Impressions team and distributed upon request by the team head coach/club.

What We Offer


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